Tuesday, 14 December 2010


First of all that was an incredibly lucky goal. Park has always wrecked Arsenal though, stuff like that is to be expected. If Fabregas and Van Persie were 100% they could have pulled out a win.

Luckily for you I flew home on Saturday and am done (for now) rioting and bothering royals. It is outrageous how much coverage the royal car thing got in London. Apparently rioters tried to break the car's windows and threw paint on it. In New Jersey we like to call that commuting.

Basically all sports in the country are shown on one of the Sky Sports channels. I think there are 4. The higher the number, the lamer and more obscure (for British people) the athletic event. They show 3 NFL games every Sunday usually on Sky Sports 4 or 3. These channels aren't on basic cable packages. I think 1 and 2 are available one step up from basic cable. Basic cable in England is like ten channels and they are all terrible and have programming that is worse than anime (at least anime includes subtitles so I can understand it). The monday night, sunday night, and thursday night games are usually shown on the main Sky Sports which makes sense considering they kick off at 1am. So basically football games are sometimes shown in England though usually at obscure channels and the sport isn't that popular here. A lot of the people at the 49ers-Broncos game were American, and the British fans there were not very smart. I mean, they did shell out money to a 49ers-Broncos game. 

I haven't seen baseball at all in England, and I was there during the World Series, so I'm guessing you can't get any games without satellite. The NBA is kind of working at penetrating the British market and they were nice enough to send perennial juggernauts the Nets and Raptors to London's O2 arena this season, but I haven't seen any bball games here either. I also haven't seen any NHL games, but do they even show those in America?

I have seen soccer, cricket, snooker/pool/billiards, tennis and golf on English television. They seem to like tennis a good bit (though that might be due to the fact that I am surrounded by absurdly wealthy people at the school) and they had a big tournament thing recently with Federer and Nadal showing up, and obviously Wimbledon is a pretty big deal.

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